'Waiting Room' by V. M. Zito (2013)

Waiting Room: A Return Man Short Story - V. M. Zito

V. M. Zito, Waiting Room: A Return Man Short Story (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 2013), 13pp [electronic copy]


A bit disappointing, especially when considering how great Border Crossing, the other short story tied in to V. M. Zito's Return Man novel, was. Whereas Border Crossing was a self-contained story with a strong build-up and a neat finish, Waiting Room is just a by-the-numbers snapshot of how Marco goes about 'returning' zombies. It is very short (even by short story standards) and doesn't seem to have much to say - I can't fathom why the author even bothered with it. It does provide a decent taster of Zito's writing style, but I can't really recommend it.