'Jericho: Season 3' by Dan Shotz et al. (2013)

Jericho: Season Three Civil War - Robert Levine, Jason M. Burns, Matt Merhoff, Dan Shotz, Alejandro F. Giraldo

Dan Shotz, Robert Levine, Matthew Federman and Jason M. Burns, Jericho: Season 3 – Civil War (San Diego, CA: IDW Publishing, 2013), 140pp


An adequate continuation of the Jericho television series, which was cancelled in 2008 after two seasons. It is not on a par with those seasons, but is a nice, brief insight into how it might have progressed. Unfortunately, the comic book medium is a much more inferior medium in which to present the Jericho story, lacking depth and nuance. This is particularly notable in the clumsy decisions of some of the characters, particularly Dale. And why would Hawkins' daughter join the ASA aid workers in Mississippi, other than to inject a bit of oomph into Hawkins' story arc? A tie-in novel would have been preferable, and not all that difficult to do. However, even this unfortunate choice does not excuse the odd plot-hole. Why, for example, would Texas - knowing what it now knows, and having shot down two of their fighter jets in the Season Two finale - not be alert to a possible military attack from the Allied States? The ASA even call it Operation Reprisal, for Chrissake! Although I loved the TV show, I acknowledge it had its flaws too. I still welcome any continuation of the Jericho story, but this could - nay, should - have been much, much better.