'Adolf in Wonderland' by Carlton Mellick III (2007)

Adolf in Wonderland - Carlton Mellick III

Carlton Mellick III, Adolf in Wonderland (Portland, OR: Eraserhead Press, 2007), 166pp


Adolf in Wonderland is a haphazard mix of Lewis Carroll and Franz Kafka with a tangible Philip K. Dick influence and a little (just a little) dash of Monty Python. Actually, that makes it sound awesome, which is a state of being it approaches at times, but it is very uneven, a bit hit-and-miss. The dichotomy between the efficiency and 'perfection' of the Nazi master race and the chaos and imperfection of Wonderland drives the story nicely, and the book has its moments of humour, most notably the times when the amnesiac protagonist is trying to decipher his Nazi uniform in order to figure out his name. In my opinion, the moral of the story revealed at the end was interesting, but only just interesting enough to warrant the effort put in. It only just scraped through for me - I guess I just thought the execution would be a bit more assured, the ending a bit more profound. It's worth a look if you are intrigued by it (or by the title, as I was) and it is short and easy to read, so if you don't like it you won't have wasted much time on it. But this rabbit-hole doesn't go very deep.