'Poems and Songs' by Leonard Cohen (2011)

Leonard Cohen: Poems and Songs - Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen, with Robert Faggen (ed.), Poems and Songs (New York: Everyman's Library, 2011), 249pp


A very strong selection of Leonard Cohen's poetry, and certainly the best-presented. Whilst Stranger Music is the most comprehensive anthology I have yet read, I thought its presentation was a tad impersonal. But this Everyman's Library Pocket Poets collection has a delicacy and a majesty to its production that complements the sensuality of Cohen's work. However, unlike Stranger Music, this book does not make any effort to tell the reader when a certain poem or song was written (though, to my mind, it seemed roughly chronological). That said, there are no obvious omissions with regards to the material; this is a great book whether for new fans looking for an introduction to his work or for existing fans looking to revisit some of his best stuff.