'Pronto' by Elmore Leonard (1993)

Pronto  - Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard, Pronto (New York: William Morrow, 2012), 386pp


Pronto is a nice, easy read that unfortunately never seems to reach a higher gear. Fans of the television series Justified might like this, but be aware Raylan Givens is a different character here to what he is on the screen (here, for example, he has two children and his father is dead). Fans will also be able to identify parts of Pronto which have influenced Justified, including the ultimatum for Tommy Bucks to leave town within twenty-four hours (the first episode) and various elements of episode four (the fugitive dentist episode). Leaving aside the Justified comparisons, I found it hard to picture the scenes set in Italy (it didn't feel like Italy to me) and none of the characters really jumped out (apart from Raylan, obviously). The crime plot is routine but redeemed by Elmore Leonard's dialogue. This is not a bad novel but it's not really a substantial one either, though it is quick and easy to read and so doesn't outstay its welcome.