'We All Shine On' by Paul Du Noyer (1997)

We All Shine on - Paul Du Noyer

Paul Du Noyer, We All Shine On: The Stories Behind Every John Lennon Song 1970-1980 (London: Carlton Books, 2006), 144pp


An agreeable book for any John Lennon fan. It is slickly written and glossily presented, as befitting its author Paul Du Noyer, founding editor of the Mojo music magazine. But its glossiness betrays its lack of depth; there's not really much in here that serious fans won't already know - at least, not in the better songs, for do we really need any background information on album filler like 'Tight A$'? It's also rather brief in its discussion of each song; this is not the in-depth, new perspective critique found in works such as Ian MacDonald's amazing Beatles book Revolution in the Head. Decent but by-the-numbers reading.